DMA SolutionsDMA Solutions Ltd is made up of a team of Directors and associates who are experienced executives, managers, academics and clinicians and all experts in their field. As a team we are committed to supporting better health and social care for people who are most at risk of experiencing inequality or exclusion. Using appreciative and strength based approaches we work in partnership with government agencies, commissioners, service providers and individuals to create and sustain positive change.

Our priority is the challenge of transforming the lives of those with the most complex of presentations for whom systemic and practice based factors can impede progress and negatively impact on wellbeing and quality of life

The DMA Solutions Team provides advice on the operation of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) including: the appropriateness of the CPA care coordination arrangements; the robustness of the assessment of needs and risks; the comprehensiveness of CPA care plan and underpinning formulation; the effectiveness of ongoing engagement of commissioning authorities and home team clinicians. Our offering includes that we will:

  • Ensure that where services are delivered in accordance with a Positive Behavioural Support approach, that this is fully aligned to, and integrated with the CPA care plan (in accordance with the requirements of the Mental Health Act Code of Practice).
  • Provide advice on how CTR recommendations should be carried forward and embedded within local CPA processes, by CPA care coordinators.
  • Consider the impact of the focal person’s current living situation in terms of their exposure to known determinants of health inequality and advise on how the effects of such exposure can best be mitigated.
  • Challenge providers to ensure that any restrictions on liberty are proportionate and delivered with the context of a lawfully prescribed framework.
  • Ensure that the CTR is conducted in a way that maximizes the focal person’s ability to participate in the process; and that recognises and seeks to capitalise on the valuable resource that is the knowledge, experience and expertise of family carers.
  • Seek to make recommendations regarding short, medium and long term objectives
  • Maintain a focus on discharge by generating creative solutions when blocks towards progress towards discharge are encountered.
  • Ensure scrutiny and challenge that is truly independent of all key stakeholders in the focal person’s care and support.
  • Support the process of feeding back CTR recommendations and associated actions to the focal person and family carers.
  • Quality assure the comprehensiveness of CTR documentation and clarity of CTR recommendations.

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